Policy For Browser and OS Support

Wellmo supports the most recent major releases of the following web browsers and mobile operating
systems (OS). If you are experiencing interface issues, try updating your browser or OS to the latest

Effective as of 20.2.2023

Web browsers:

The end of support for any browser includes the browser in compatibility mode or any other version of compatibility mode that represents the browser.

  • Microsoft Edge – The latest two versions of the new Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based)

  • Safari – The two latest released versions on macOS (as specified in the OS section below).

  • Firefox – The two latest, released versions.
    Firefox versions more than two major versions old, including ESR (Extended Support Release) versions, are not supported.

  • Chrome – The two latest, released versions.


Certain applications will not function in browser modes that do not support cookies (e.g. incognito
mode in Google Chrome), or browsers configured to prevent the creation of cookies.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions you confirm that you are at least 16 years of age. If you are under 18 years of age or otherwise not legally competent to engage in binding agreements, please ask your parent or guardian to complete the registration to the Service on your behalf.

Protecting your privacy and your data is important to Wellmo. More information about the processing of you personal data is available in the Privacy Policy.

Operating systems (OS):

  • Android – All versions of Android released within the last three years.
  • iOS – The two latest released versions.


  • Each time a new version is released for general availability, Wellmo begins supporting the update and continues supporting the most recent prior version. For all versions before that, Wellmo ends support.

  • Wellmo provides this document as Standard End of Life (EOL) policy for browsers and OS for transparency.

  • Wellmo reserves the right to make exceptions from this policy (Examples: if conflicts arise or for security reasons).

  • We recommend keeping mobile device OS’s and Wellmo or branded app on the most recent available version at all times and use the most recent browser version. If you run into issues with an older version, there may be fixes in the new version that could solve the problem. Our Product Support team will recommend this as a first step during the support process if your end users have not updated.

  • Wellmo will end support for 3rd party dependencies on the same day that the vendor ends support for the given software. Wellmo will make reasonable efforts to provide at least 3 months lead time to upgrade to the supported version of 3rd party libraries/software. However, there may be exceptions to this policy where the EOL timeline might be accelerated
    (Example: security vulnerabilities in the 3rd party software).